Oh Canada

Junction has many Canadian-made products, and even some made here in Southern Alberta.  Check out these creators:



Calgary-based Glimpse Glass hand makes these gorgeous stained glass terrariums in all geometric shapes and sizes.  Grab a growing kit and make your own green scene, air plant and all.

Follow Glimpse Glass on Instagram: @glimpseglass



Ontario-based Helena of here&now makes wearable stained glass.  She writes, “The name of my brand – here&now – originates from my credo: ‘To live life here and now.’  It is a mix of cold industrial and warm natural materials. It stands for minimalism and origami-like geometric shapes and expresses monochromatic beauty in simple things.  I design, create, photograph and package all items myself. All of them are hand cut , so each is one-of-a-kind and crafted with love. ”

Follow her on Instagram: @chujuk_hereandnow


Cardston-based Kokona’s Designs creates beautiful hand-beaded jewelry and accessories, even some mother-daughter earring sets!



We all have a Frozen-obsessed little girl in our lives.  My two-year-old niece knows every word to Let It Go.  What better way to dress up her Anna braids than with an Anna hair bow!  Lethbridge-based Princess Hair has dozens of adorable designs from Cinderella to Pocahontas.

Follow MandaLynn on Instagram: @MandaLynnZab



MiniMocs are modern moccasins for small feet, handmade in British Columbia, from ethically sourced materials.  These little puppies are so soft and sweet, perfect for tiny baby feet.

Follow MiniMoc on Instagram: @minimoc

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