Meet Our Vendors

Junction is committed to finding products with character.  Check out these vendors for a  peek of the fun things that will reside on Junction’s shelves:



“The inspiration for these soft-sole shoes came from my desire to give custom, ‘made-with-love’ gifts to the many babies born to our friends.Each pair of Minimoc moccasins are made with durable, hand inspected quality leather. When we source our leather we work back in the supply chain as far as we can. We work with suppliers who have relationships with reputable tanneries who treat their workers well. This means everyone involved in the process to make Minimoc products works in a safe environment, is respected, and treated fairly. Ethically sourced materials allow us to freely pick out unique styles and make each pair with love, care and attention, something the little feet in your life deserve.”




“We use only the best and our focus is always on quality. Each bar of soap is made in small batches, hand cut, sculpted, wrapped and labelled. The whole process is in-house from conception to finished product.”  Made in Vancouver.




“Mineral and Matter is our collection of decorative arrows and a curated selection of artisan jewelry.” Mineral and Matter’s wooden arrows are “hand notched and tapered with silver blunt tipped ends. Each arrow is crafted from Poplar wood from sustainable forests.”



Handmade Screenprinted Pillows

Handmade Screenprinted Pillows

“My name is Laura Frisk and I currently live near the mountains by Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m a creator by nature and love anything that is hands-on, especially painting, printmaking and sculpting. I put most of my time and energy into making woodblock printed pillows inspired by animals, nature and my childhood.”




“Founded in 2004, we craft projects on in-house, vintage presses, and we have a penchant for inking out-of-the-ordinary materials.

A full-service print shop for some of the finest indie designers and design houses in the field, Sideshow Press has been recognized by HOW Magazine and Martha Stewart Weddings”



Masquerade by Ahsley G

“I have loved arts, crafts, creatures, and nature my entire life. I enjoy focusing on portraiture and capturing a brief moment in time. My artwork tends to be simple, but with a sophisticated or stark color palette. I believe great emotion can be conveyed in a simple gesture or look. The characters I create, whether monsters or little girls, are simple, humorous, empathetic, and a little bit pathetic.”



Circlet Scarf

“Kelly Weinberger founded WorldFinds in 2000. She and her husband David Burns left
their jobs in Chicago to spend 14 months traveling around the world. While in
Asia, Kelly was struck by the talented artisans and concerned for their lack of
income when tourism faded, and vowed to do something about it when she returned
to the States. The remainder of the trip was spent learning about the plight of
artisans and fair trade, and culminated in an all-important visit to Traid Aid,
a fair trade company, in New Zealand.

Back in the States Kelly began to test products she had purchased and learned
the ins and outs of importing while David got his MBA. WorldFinds soon became
a member of the Fair Trade Federation and started ramping up the number of stores
that sold their products.”

Meet the artisans that make World Finds products.


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